Saturday, July 18, 2009

Whats New!

Where I've been
I have just finished two commissioned pieces and I can now resume my regular daily painting routine of at least one daily painting a day. Sorry for the delay!

New work (the "Simple Collection")
My new body of work will have a new look but will still be unmistakeably done by my hand. one example of this new look is my last post called "Soy Sauce, Duck Sauce, Mustard"
Let me explain:

  • Simple subjects transformed by the presence of color as well as the lack of color.
  • Color will be present in only the objects and their shadows.
  • Backgrounds will be bare, void of any color or tone, only white, NO PAINT.

Please stay tuned and check back on Sunday July 19th for a few of the new paintings.

The collection may last all year or only a week I don't know! for now I am enjoying doing them!


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